Keeping content fresh even when writer’s block strikes

Keeping content fresh even when writer’s block strikes

If you’ve been updating content for any length of time, or involved in a content marketing strategy, you’ll know that publishing new content on a regular basis is essential. You need to keep the small business section of your bank’s website dynamic; leave it to stagnate and eventually, your small business customers won’t bother to check in with you anymore.

So how do you keep your content fresh and dynamic when you’ve got writer’s block? How are you supposed to write informative, entertaining blogs that also educate on your newest financial resources and packages if your creative juices have dried up? We’ve got some tips for you on how to conquer this very common condition and get back to work.

  • Change your perspective. The idea is to look at old problems through different eyes. It’s something that takes a bit of time, but try turning “I can’t” into “I will”. For example, instead of thinking “I can’t think of anything new to write about”, try thinking “I will find something new to write about by making use of Google and seeing what’s out there. That will help me get inspired.”
  • Let Hubspot do it for you. Still can’t think of anything? Hubspot have an algorithm allowing you to generate revelant blog topics. Even if you don’t find the exact topic you need, the suggestions will help insipre you.
  • Your own previous ideas. Go back to your most popular previous pieces and draw inspiration from them, especially if they’re still generating traffic. For instance, if you published a blog on how to conduct a SWOT analysis, you might decide to publish one on how to conduct a SWOT analysis on the competition.
  • Other online tools. There are lots of resources available to help you come up with ideas. For example, Übersuggest helps you find keywords relevant to small business banking. And there are lots more tools out there that can help you find inspiration.

Writer’s block happens to everyone. The best and most successful bloggers in the world have had to conquer it at one time or another. A lot of it has to do with changing your mindset, although it can be as simple as simply getting up from your desk, taking a walk and coming back feeling refreshed.

Here at TSBC, we’ll make sure you never run out of content. Our blogging service means the small business section of your website stays updated with relevant and informative content. Contact us to find out more.


Glen Senior
Glen Senior

CEO Glen Senior has been helping small businesses start and grow since 1989. Along the way, he has published 6 books on small business development and business planning, created training courses, built e-learning platforms, and developed Microsoft USA’s Small Business Plus program which was delivered into 9 countries.Since 2005 Glen has focused on the banking sector and has built up an extensive knowledge of how banks can engage with the small business segment. He has presented at a number of small business banking conferences and is sought out as an opinion leader in this space.