Get the most out of great content

Get the most out of great content

Imagine you’ve just published an amazing case study, about one of your small business customers. They’re a real success story, and not only that, their example is one that your other small business customers could benefit from. It seems a shame to let such great content fade away after a couple of weeks, when it can be dusted off and repurposed to really get the most out of it.

Almost all content can be turned into something else, ensuring that you’re maximizing the time and effort that’s gone into creating it. All it takes is a bit of creative thinking. If you, or someone on your team has pulled out all the stops and created a fantastic piece of content, it makes sense to utilize it in as many different ways as you can.

It’s also worth looking back over all your old content to see if any of it could be refreshed and brought back to life, with perhaps a slightly different shift in focus. It’s a useful technique if you’re going through a content-dry patch.

How to repurpose great content

Let’s say your bank has completed a case study on a successful small business, one that’s made use of a new small business lending package. The article itself has generated lots of traffic and has seen other small business customers engage with the content. This is great, and it can be even better if you consider the ways it can be repurposed. You can take the content and use it as examples in a Power Point presentation about the lending package. You can create an infographic around it. You can contact the business owner and ask if they’d be willing to re-use some of their quotes in a video you’ll be posting online.

Re-examining successful content to get the most out of it is beneficial in several ways. When you’re looking at what you’ve published previously, consider how it can continue to benefit your content marketing strategy by:

  • One idea = several pieces of content – as with the case study example above, you can generate several pieces of content from one idea. Repurposing allows you to leverage the research you’ve done for the original piece across other content options.
  • Saving time – if you’ve got images that you’ve used in a case study, they can be used again in a slideshow or other presentation.
  • Engaging a wider audience – repurposing means you can appeal to multiple audiences with different content preferences. So, using our case study example again, the quotes you’ve used in the article can then be used in a video presentation for those who prefer to absorb content visually.

The point is, great content can almost always be mined for something new and different, which just adds to how much you invested in creating it in the first place. A lot of work goes into creating valuable content, so it’s worth optimizing it as much as possible. It’s easy to see how you can generate numerous pieces of content from an original creation, and how you can reach a wider audience by doing so. Not only that, but repurposing will save you time and money. So don’t let your best pieces of content go to waste. Dust them off and bring them back to life in new and exciting ways.

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Glen Senior
Glen Senior

CEO Glen Senior has been helping small businesses start and grow since 1989. Along the way, he has published 6 books on small business development and business planning, created training courses, built e-learning platforms, and developed Microsoft USA’s Small Business Plus program which was delivered into 9 countries.Since 2005 Glen has focused on the banking sector and has built up an extensive knowledge of how banks can engage with the small business segment. He has presented at a number of small business banking conferences and is sought out as an opinion leader in this space.