Frequently asked questions

Content FAQs

Are we liable for the advice in the content?

No. We are liable for the content. We have standard disclaimers and don’t tend to talk about your products or give financial/legal advice.

How do you host interactive content?

Your content is hosted with Microsoft Azure in the US or Amazon AWS for some of the interactive tools. We closely monitor server performance and will provide you with guaranteed uptime.

Can we brand the templates and downloads?

Yes. Or we will do this for you.

Can we edit the content ourselves?

Yes. If you want to edit our content, that’s fine.

Can we include links and references to our products and services?

Yes. This is the main point, to drive traffic to your lead generation tactics. This can include additional text, links back to your main website, your contact details or product and service content and calls to action.

Can we trial the content first?

Yes. You can access our Content Dashboard by requesting it here.

Do you have a standard Service Level Agreement?

Yes. Everything you need to know is covered in our SLA.

Do you help with a content strategy?

Yes. Contact us and we can help you form a content framework unique to your requirements and small business customers.

How fast can you turn around content?

We work in weekly sprints, so allow at least 2-3 weeks for content to be delivered. You’ll find that it’s often longer internally to get sign off and legal approval, than for us to deliver.

Is the content copyright free?

Yes. There is no per user cost. 

Is the content kept up to date?

Yes. First, we immediately update content when an external event or legislation change impacts on content. Second, we update every year to keep up with the latest business trends or new topics/new ways of doing business. Third, if you have any changes to make, such as new products being introduced (or retired), then we can make adjustments straight away.

Is the content localized?

Yes. Our content writers ensure that all content is relevant to each country and region we operate in. We will match your voice and web guidelines. Quality content starts from a descriptive brief and a consistent and appropriate voice for the target audience and corporate image.

Our editorial team are very experienced in writing to different voice guidelines. If you don’t have your own guidelines for your web content, we can provide our recommendations for review.

Is the content optimized for SEO?

Yes. We have carefully selected the most popular and searched for small business keywords.

Is The Small Business Company logo on any of the content?

No. We edit the content with your brand so you are seen as the content source.

What rights do we have if we license content?

The license allows you to add our content to your website, and give away for free to anyone, for as long as you continue to license. The users can use the content royalty free in perpetuity. If you cease licensing then the content must come off your website, but any content your customers have accessed in the past can still be used.

The license allows you to amplify the content (by adding it to your website, sending it in an e-newsletter, posting it in social media, or printing hard copies) In fact, any way you can distribute the content is fine with us.

Who owns the content?

It depends. If you license content, then we retain the ownership. If you buy custom content, then you own it.

Resource center FAQs

Who pays for hosting and support?

We do. It’s all covered in the monthly hosting fee. 

Do you report on statistics and traffic?

Yes, every month.

Is the resource center site optimized for SEO?

Yes. We have carefully selected the best and most popular small business topics that people search for online, matched to pain points.

Can we include our own content on the site?

Yes, we can include your own content (if you have existing guides or planning tools).