Content marketing – what not to do

Content marketing – what not to do

Mistakes – only a problem if you don’t learn from them

When it comes to content marketing, you can get so involved in the tone and voice of your own website and social media that you might be encountering pitfalls without even realizing it. If it’s been a while since you stood back and looked at your content marketing strategy, now might be a good time. If you’re making any mistakes, don’t panic – just learn from them. Revise your strategy and keep moving forward.

Even the best and most experienced content marketers make mistakes, and one of them is resting on your laurels – it’s important to continually review your content and make sure it’s as engaging and purposeful as possible.

What to be on the look-out for

Content should be fresh and dynamic, or customers simply don’t see a reason to keep coming back. Making sure your website and social media doesn’t go stale is Job #1.

You should also avoid:

  • Inconsistency – Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute once said: “Content marketing doesn’t fail because of content quality. The main reason is that it’s inconsistent, or it stops.” What Joe’s saying is that giving up is not an option. If you’re just sporadically adding new content or being completely lethargic about it, you’re not going to see any benefits.
  • No outlets for feedback – what you don’t want is for your content to wind up in a dead end. The mistake here is in thinking that your content will instantly engage loyal customers; well, that’s unlikely if there’s no way for them to give you feedback. Comments areas, CTAs, social media responses – these are all great ways to engage your customers and keep them coming back.
  • Content isn’t being marketed – so the idea here is to leverage your social media platforms against your website. Social media shouldn’t be used to advertise – it’s there to drive traffic to your website so that customers get a good look at your content and hence, your offering.
  • Quantity but no quality – it’s really important with content marketing that you focus on both quantity AND quality. You need to keep your content fresh and updated, but it’s vital that the content itself is useful, informative and engaging. Quality content builds trust and drives thought leadership.

Although SEO isn’t the be-all, end-all holy grail of online marketing that some think it is, it’s still worth putting some time into it. Think of the 80/20 rule – if you spend some time on SEO, you’ll see the benefits. But it’s not something you should obsess about – 80% of the time, there are more productive things you can be doing to win more customers.

Above all, keep thinking outside the box. There are no hard and fast rules with content marketing, but the content that sees the most success is that which is always innovative and always thinking of new ways to engage customers.

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Glen Senior
Glen Senior

CEO Glen Senior has been helping small businesses start and grow since 1989. Along the way, he has published 6 books on small business development and business planning, created training courses, built e-learning platforms, and developed Microsoft USA’s Small Business Plus program which was delivered into 9 countries.Since 2005 Glen has focused on the banking sector and has built up an extensive knowledge of how banks can engage with the small business segment. He has presented at a number of small business banking conferences and is sought out as an opinion leader in this space.