87% of banks plan to use Chatbots in the next 2-3 years.

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Existing small business owners are time poor, and can get frustrated with the search function on bank websites. A ‘conversational’ small business chat bot will help engage your customers and provide faster help and support, all the while learning about what people are asking for.

We can help you set up a chat bot that will;

  • Deliver a consistent cross sell message without the pressure of a sales person
  • Provide custom, personal content, links and resources at point of need
  • Allow users to ask questions that they may be reluctant to ask a live person (or let the bank know)
  • Learn about small business issues, concerns, blocks and pain points on a daily basis to input into long term strategy
  • Improve the level of conversation and provide qualified leads ready to talk
  • Collect customer data and feed into the existing CRM systems for follow-up and ROI
  • Run short term sales campaigns and allow the bank to test messaging

Within 3 years 76% of banks will deploy AI as their primary method for interacting with customers.

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Please note; you will probably already have a transactional chat bot underway; an AI tool that allows users to transfer money, check balances and amend contact details. This is NOT what we are providing. Our chat bots complement these transactional bots.

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