TSBC Business Planning Tools

Interactive business planning tools on your website are an effective way to encourage engagement with your brand from existing and prospective small business owners.

Our experience and research shows that “business planning” is one of the most popular searches for small business owners and people who are interested in starting a business. If you haven’t got business planning advice or business planning tools on your site then you are missing out on traffic from potential customers.

Our business planning tools bring in thousands of extra visits to our clients’ websites.

Planning tools also enable your potential customers to self-assess their suitability for business, avoid costly mistakes and help them to build bigger, better businesses. And that’s good for your business too.

63% want to start their own business

A University of Phoenix survey of 1,600 adults revealed that 63 percent of people in their 20s either owned their own businesses or wanted to someday.

Resources your small business clients
will love to use

Choose from our interactive Business Plan Writer or our Finance Check tools. Both are best practice tried and tested resources your small business clients will find practical to use.

Business Plan Writer

Our Business Plan Writer places an interactive business plan that small businesses can use, right inside your website. The plan is easy to complete and provides an excellent starting point for planning a new idea or developing an existing business. Extra help and examples are provided throughout as well as downloadable templates and guides.

Content can be customized to suit your requirements and small business niche.

Finance Check

Self-assessment tools are a popular feature of many websites. Our Finance Check provides a rapid self assessment on a business’s financial status by asking a series of yes/no style questions.

A report is provided that’s full of recommendations and actions they can take to strengthen their business. It’s ideal as loan application support content.

Lead Generators

Lead generators turn website visitors into clients.

Our lead generator courses are subscription based email courses delivered to your visitors over a series of days or weeks. Choose one or several different topics to offer depending on your business needs and your target customers.

Use the emails to promote offers and encourage interaction with the targeted contact lists we create for you.

Small Business Quiz

Use quizzes to engage your website visitors. They can test their knowledge on small business matters or your product offerings.

Each quiz can be custom designed to educate and challenge your visitors on topics that relate to your target region and client types.

TSBC Business Planning Tools Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get the content onto our web page?

We’ll provide an embed code that allows you to offer our best practice interactive small business planning tools, straight from your own site.

No linking to third party pages and no third party branding.

What does it cost?
The tools cost $3,500 each to set up, brand and personalize with your own information, calls to action and links to your product, and $250/month to host, support, update and maintain.

Can I stop at any time?
There is a minimum 6 month subscription period which we ask to be paid in advance. Then it’s month by month. Cancel any time without penalty after the first 6 months.

Is the content localized?
Yes, the TSBC Business Planning Tools content will be totally localized and we can also adopt your web writing guidelines.

Can we edit the content ourselves?
Yes, if you want to edit this content, we will give you access to the files so you can download the content and make your changes you require. We will then upload these changes into the tools.

Is the content optimized for SEO?
Yes. We have carefully selected the best and most popular small business content that people search for online, and blended in the most popular key words.

Can we include our own information inside the content?
Yes, you can include your own text, links, calls to action; in fact (almost) anything.

Is the content copyright free?
Yes. There is no per user cost. So feel free to have as many people as possible access the tools, as often as you like, as long as you like.

Is the content kept up to date?
Yes. We regularly keep content up to date every 12 months (or whenever there is a key change to make).

Need more information?

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Ready to go?

Send us some details and we’ll make a time to contact you back. We’ll also give you some free resources to check out in the meantime.

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